View Source Conference

London, England

Mozilla invited front-end developers and designers to participate in this one-day, intimate, single-track conference. At View Source, we brought together visionary speakers to look at the web from technical and design perspectives, across platforms and devices.

View Source was live captioned.

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  • Saron Yitbarek
    Saron Yitbarek

    Keynote: On-ramps and the web of the future

    Saron is a developer and founder of CodeNewbie, the most supportive community of programmers and people learning to code. She also hosts the CodeNewbie Podcast, the award-winning Command Line Heroes podcast from Red Hat, and the basecs podcast with Viadehi Joshi.

  • Mariko Kosaka
    Mariko Kosaka

    Back to the Future: Why the web is still the next big thing

    Mariko Kosaka is a Developer Advocate at Google working on the open web. In this role she helps web developers make the web better for all. Prior to joining Google, Mariko served as a Software Engineer for Scripto, an Internal Tools Developer for Percolate Inc. and as a Platform Innovations Developer for LiveIntent Inc. She’s a graduate of Temple University and resides in the greater New York City area where she serves as the co-organizer of BrooklynJS.

  • Henri Helvetica
    Henri Helvetica

    Planet Of The APIs: A Tale of Performance & User Experience.

    Henri is a freelance developer who has turned his interests to a potpourri of performance engineering with pinches of user experience. He has found enjoyment attending and speaking at web conferences, right down to local meetups to be amongst the community he loves.

    When not reading the deluge of daily research docs and case studies, or indiscriminately auditing sites in developer tools, Henri can be found contributing back to the community, co-programming meetups including the Toronto Web Performance Group or volunteering his time for lunch and learns at various bootcamps. Otherwise, with near certainty training and focusing on running the fastest 5k possible and longing the days he wasn't lactose intolerant.

  • Ruth John
    Ruth John

    A New Soundscape: Developments in the Web Audio API

    Ruth is a creative engineer with a web development background. She has enjoyed a fifteen year career working on websites, applications and most recently interactive art projects, especially those featuring audio. She also educates people and enjoys talking about new web technologies, inspiring others to try them. Always coming up with exciting and engaging ways to use them, as well as interesting integrations into everyday development. As a Google Developer Expert and founding member of { Live : JS } she’s almost always got a conference talk lined up, article ready to be published or live show tour date in the diary.

  • Bryan Hughes
    Bryan Hughes

    Johnny-Five and the Rise of JavaScript Hardware

    Bryan Hughes is a technical evangelist at Microsoft and long-time member of the Node.js and NodeBots communities. Bryan is the creator of Raspi IO which provides Raspberry Pi support for the Johnny-Five JavaScript robotics library. Bryan also created Raver Lights, a distributed wireless lighting system designed for festivals, and Request Inspector, a Node.js performance diagnostics tool. Outside of tech, Bryan is an amateur photographer, occasional writer, a once upon a time pianist, and a wine aficionado.

  • Kim Crayton
    Kim Crayton

    Stop Hiring as if we're in the Industrial Age!

    Kim Crayton is the founder of the #causeascene movement and a proud multipotentialite and advocate for diversity, inclusion, and safe spaces in tech, who is committed to facilitating honest conversations and intentional actions for positive change.

    Whether in the role of strategist, educator, consultant, writer, public speaker, mentor, organizational anthropologist, trainer or curriculum designer, Kim is always in search of innovative approaches that enable individuals, organizations, and communities to intentionally and skillfully create environments which support the sharing of common attitudes, interests, and goals in order to build more innovative and profitable businesses while growing a more inclusive and diverse technology community. She is also currently pursuing a Doctor’s of Business Administration – Technology Entrepreneurship.

  • Mandy Michael
    Mandy Michael

    Text Experiments with CSS

    Mandy Michael is a community organizer, speaker, and developer working as a Development Manager at Seven West Media in Western Australia. She is a co-organizer and Director of Mixin Conf, and the founder and co-organizer of Fenders, a local meetup for front end developers providing events, mentoring and support to the Perth web community.

    Mandy’s passion is CSS, HTML and JS, she has a particular interest in web typography, accessibility and modern layouts, and hopes to inspire that passion in others. Mandy loves the supportive and collaborative nature of the web, her aim is to create a community of web developers who can share, mentor, learn and grow together.

  • Hui Jing Chen
    Hui Jing Chen

    Be like water: Applying Bruce Lee's philosophy to web design

    Hui Jing is a self-taught designer and developer with an inordinate love for CSS. Reducing lines of code in her web projects makes her extremely happy. She used to play basketball full-time and launched her web career during downtime between training sessions.

  • Jen Simmons
    Jen Simmons

    Everything You Know About Web Design Just Changed

    Jen Simmons is a Designer and Developer Advocate at Mozilla, where she advocates for web standards and researches the coming revolution in graphic design on the web.

    Jen launched her first client website in 1998 and spent years making sites for small businesses, arts organizations, and creative individuals. Her more well-known clients include CERN, the W3C, Google, Drupal, Temple University, and the Annenberg Foundation.

    Besides designing for the web, Jen has years of experience designing for live performance and for print. Her projection and lighting design work has shown at theaters including the BAM Next Wave Festival, the National Theater of Belgrade, The Off Center, and Jump-Start Performance Co. Her short films toured film festivals around the globe, including RESFEST, Media That Matters, and on MTV Television. Jen is the host and executive producer of The Web Ahead. She taught digital media to high school kids in San Antonio and film production to college students in Philadelphia. Jen earned a MFA in Film and Media Arts from Temple University. She lives in New York City.

  • Sareh Heidari
    Sareh Heidari

    View Source MC

    Sareh is a web developer at BBC News, based in London. She cares about web accessibility, internationalisation and how we can make the web a more inclusive space for the most marginalised.

    In her spare time, she’s playing around with mixing Persian calligraphy and carpet-weaving with web typography & layouts.


Registration, with light breakfast and coffee
Keynote by Saron Yitbarek

On-ramps and the web of the future

It's easier than ever to learn to code. Everyone - from engineers to entrepreneurs - has access now more than ever to free and and cheap books, courses, websites to level up; no matter who you are or where you come from, you too, can learn to code. But learning to code and becoming a developer isn't simply about the existence of resources.

In her talk about what it means to have access and on-ramps to truly become part of the code community, Saron explores the hidden barriers that exist even with all of these resources, and shares her vision for a web of the future built by making tech more accessible to all.

Mariko Kosaka

Back to the Future: Why the web is still the next big thing

Thirty years ago the web was the next big thing, but the vision for a great user experience was ahead of its time. Despite challenges, the web has risen and is more capable today than it has even been. Users are having a better experience on the open web but there is still more work to be done. Join Mariko Kosaka, Developer Advocate at Google to discover modern web features and some challenges ahead.

Henri Helvetica

Planet Of The APIs: A Tale of Performance & User Experience

A quarter century has passed since the first browser was released. Tim Berners-Lee’s pioneering spawned an industry that regaled in loading structured information onto a screen. We once referred to raw timing data provided by the browser to measure performance. But the modern experience soon demanded metrics beyond DOMContentLoaded and Load events, but more complex measurements such as first paint, meaningful paint and time to interactive among others. Planet Of The APIs peruses present-day and even experimental practices employed in measuring web apps in the on going pursuit of providing stellar and performant user experiences.

Bryan Hughes

Johnny-Five and the Rise of JavaScript Hardware

Johnny-Five was created 6 years ago and in the process kickstarted the JavaScript robotics movement and JavaScript based IoT. J5, as we call it, has been around ever since the rise of modern IoT, and the project has a lot to teach us.

JavaScript and J5 brings a lot to the table for hardware. The asynchronous nature of JavaScript fits perfectly with real-world sensors, and the digital UI origins of JavaScript dovetail nicely with the physical UI of hardware. Most importantly, we focused the project on non-experts and we cultivated a welcoming, inclusive community.

Knowing these lessons and more are critical going forward if we hope to create open and ethical IoT ecosystem.

Lightning Talks, Moderated by Alex Lakatos
Kim Crayton

Stop Hiring as if we're in the Industrial Age!

Change is happening all around us, and yet, the tech industry continues to hire developers and build teams that are still stuck in the Industrial Age matrix. Everyone is sick and tired of being asked, "Are you technical?" Wake up! We are in the Information Age where diversity and inclusion is now part of smart business planning. Shed the outdated silo thinking that developers are only responsible for code. Success in today’s knowledge economy requires that all team members understand how every decision impacts business leaders ability to innovate, differentiate, and gain competitive advantage.

Mandy Michael

Text Experiments with CSS

Interesting and impactful text is often deemed a “print only option”. But we can have those effects now in our web projects with real web text.

I'll show you how to recreate photoshop effects and bring your own text effects to life all while maintaining accessible, searchable, and selectable text using CSS and HTML.

We’ll explore a variety of techniques combining old and new CSS properties and values including pseudo-elements, clip-path, blend modes, gradients, transforms, variable fonts and more to create interesting and inspiring headings and layouts.

It's never been a better time to stand out and experiment with the power of CSS.

Hui Jing Chen

Be like water: Applying Bruce Lee's philosophy to web design

The web is a medium unlike anything we've seen before. It is interactive and dynamic, and we need to embrace its nature instead of fighting it. Modern CSS allows the same code-base to result in designs that morph and adapt based on the context in which they are viewed. Since browsers are being updated and changing all the time, adaptability becomes key. To change with change is the changeless state, a mindset that is well suited to designing for the web.

Closing Keynote - Jen Simmons

Everything You Know About Web Design Just Changed

2017 saw a sea change in web layout, one that few of us have truly come to grips with. We’re standing at the threshold of an entirely new era in digital design—one in which, rather than hacking layouts together, we can actually describe layouts directly. The benefits will touch everything from prototyping to custom art direction to responsive design. In this visionary talk, rooted in years of practical experience, Jen will show you how to understand what’s different, learn to think through multiple stages of flexibility, and let go of pixel constraints forever.

Mozfest House

View Source is part of Mozilla's MozFest House festival, which includes feature films, workshops, conferences, and talks. Join us for View Source and our other London-based events in the week, all focused on internet health and the diversity of Mozilla's work.

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Mozilla believes that the web of the future is built by EVERYONE

The RSA is fully accessible, and reserved places will be available specifically for individuals with wheelchairs.

View Source will provide professional live captioning for all talks, and space will be reserved for individuals who choose to make use of it.

We are committed to ensuring equal access to our conference. If you require special accommodations in addition to what is included here, please feel free to contact us. You are welcome as you are.


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